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The fight to receive your social security benefits is not always an easy one. If you are seeking your benefits it is likely that you are already in poor medical condition and fighting this kind of battle will only put more strain on your mind and body. If you hire Harder, Wells, Baron & Manning Attorneys at Law to represent you, we can get to work on your benefits, so you can sit back and recover in peace.

Only pay when you win!

You are not charged any legal fees from our practice unless you win. The most you will ever have to pay for our services is 25% of your past due benefits plus the costs to obtain any medical records on your behalf.

You can make an appeal

Being denied is not the end of your social security process! You can make an appeal if you have not been approved for your benefits in order to make them reconsider your case. We strongly urge you to make an appeal if your initial claim was rejected so that we can request a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Even if your claim is refused, there are more ways to appeal until you receive your benefits.

Prepare for your hearing

When you are about to have your social security hearing it is important that you are prepared to plead your case. Harder, Wells, Baron & Manning Attorneys at Law will help you prepare for this by going over the basics with you, such as reviewing your current disability claim, compiling all of the files necessary for your appeal, preparing your testimonies, collecting evidence to support your claims, and so much more.

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