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You are entitled to lost wages

If you are stuck on the couch after an injury at work, you are entitled to time-loss compensation. You should be receiving 60 to 75 percent of your total wages, as well as various benefits from your employer.

Have your health services covered

Your workers compensation claim won’t just lead to a payout; it will also help you retain a number of your medical benefits from your company. Workers’ Compensation will pay for all approved medical care including your doctor, hospital, surgical, pharmacy, and other healthcare costs. You should be covered until you either make a full recovery or until such a time where further recovery is not expected for your condition.

Let us defend your claim

Even if you are already receiving your workers compensation claim, that doesn’t mean you are getting everything out of it that you could be. Get in touch with Harder, Wells, Baron & Manning Attorneys at Law, and we will make sure you were sent to see a medical specialist, your weekly checks are the right amount, your prescriptions are being paid for, and your mileage is covered.

Work injury

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If you have experienced an on the job injury, you may be in need of workers compensation. If you have been injured at work and are unable to perform your day to day duties, you need to hold those liable accountable for the injury. By going after your workers compensation for your on the job industry, you are taking a stand and fighting for what you deserve from your employers and their unsafe working conditions.